About Hilarious Breakdowns

My name is Julia Giolzetti and I am an actor in New York City. I started posting on my Facebook page the ridiculous, stupid, and completely entertaining breakdowns I found while searching several websites for work. After some pestering to make it a thing, here it is. I’d like to say that just because a breakdown appears unintelligible or less than desirable doesn’t mean it’s not a great job! In fact, many of these breakdowns I seriously considered submitting on—because the struggling actor’s reality sometimes is that any work is good work. So don’t feel so high and mighty while reading these gems, because someone is out there being paid to do that ridiculous thing, and good for them. Besides, how else do you get audition horror stories? Exactly.

If you are interested in finding out more about me, or actually might want to cast me in something, visit www.juliagiolzetti.com

A "breakdown" is a listing for a film, tv, theater, or commercial project which describes the characters and talent the production team is seeking.

Sometimes these breakdowns are hilarious.

They are posted here for your enjoyment, along with audition horror stories, bad acting advice, and embarrassing photographs. Subscribe via RSS.